The Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union Of VNUHCM: 6 Projects To Receive Ho Hao Hon Award

In the year 2017, The Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union of VNUHCM turned 20 (03/01/1997 – 03/01/2017). During 20 years of construction and development, The Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union of VNUHCM has contributed many creative and meaningful initiatives that spread throughout Ho Chi Minh City as well as the whole country. Among which, 6 oustanding models and solutions were granted Ho Hao Hon Award.

Volunteering Spring Campaign (2006)

The campaign was initiated in 2005 by the Students Association of VNUHCM-University of Social Sciences and Humanities (VNUHCM-USSH) and quickly became a familiar program among the youth of the city named Uncle Ho. The campaign is an occasion for students who are away from home during Tet holiday to gather and take part in social activities such as collecting old calendars to make books for the visually impaired, visiting shelters and open houses as well as social protection center and detoxification centers… After 4 years of implementation, in 2009, the campaign was expanded to the city scale to better serve the poor as well as disadvantaged students in HCMC during the traditional Tet holiday.

VNUHCM-USSH students participating in the “Volunteering Spring Campaign”

Administrative Management Software (2006) 

Starting with the practical activity of writing administrative management softwares for ward and commune units, learners management softwares for drug detoxification centers as well as the multiple-choice software for the Olympics of Marxist-Leninist Science, Ho Chi Minh Ideology, the Ho Chi Minh Youth Communist Union of VNUHCM-University of Science (VNUHCM-US)had inspired the trend of computerization in the work of the Youth Union in particular and public administration in general in HCMC. MSc. Van Chi Nam, Head of Office of Student Affairs, former Secretary of the Youth Union, said that in 2005 alone, the Youth Union of VNUHCM-US handed over 4 software applications to units in District 5, Thu Duc District, District 2 and Department of Labour – Invalids and Social Affairs in Ho Chi Minh City…

VNUHCM Festival of Typical Youth Cadres (2013) 

The “VNUHCM Festival of Typical Youth Cadres” was held by VNUHCM’s Youth Union Affair Committee  in 2007 to honor outstanding young cadres who had competency, efforts to study and research as well as  practical contributions in the process of building and developing VNUHCM. After that, this model was expanded to the city scale by the name of the “Young Teachers Award” (2010) to commend lecturers and teachers 35 years of age or younger who are directly teaching at the education and training institutions in the city. Over the past 4 times (2007, 2011, 2013, 2015), there were 250 VNUHCM young cadres awarded.

VNUHCM Festival of Typical Youth Cadres 2015

Portal of extracurricular activities for VNUHCM-UT students (2013)  

In July 2009, VNUHCM-University of Technology (VNUHCM-UT) issued regulations on the implementation of the social work program for regular students from the admission 2017. Accordingly, each student must accumulate at least 15 days of social work during the 4-year course to be considered for graduation. Derived from this practice, the management and evaluation of the participation in social work of more than 17,000 students became an urgent need, which the Students Association and Youth Union must not ignore. In October 2012, the Youth Union of VNUHCM-UT set up a task team to launch the university-level project “Computerizing students’ activities data and building VNUHCM-UT Portal of extracurricular activities”. In the first year of its implementation, the extracurricular-activities computerization program collected 71,282 student activities, attracted 10,467 students (accounting for 64.04%); enable students’ social work to become much more accurate, scientific and effective than before.

“Old Computer – New Knowledge” Program (2014) 

The program “Old Computers – New Knowledge” is a typical activity in the Green Summer Campaign of VNUHCM-UIT students and became the “brand identity” of this university on the youth-activism map of the city. By donating old computer components and assembling them into complete computers, up to now, after 8 years of operation, the program has assembled, awarded 269 sets of computers and 20 computer rooms to 7 localities, offering the poor residents and students in remote areas computers to learn and access new sources of knowledge. From the university scale in 2008, the program was upgraded to a city-level project and expanded by other universities in the central region. 

Handing over the youth room in the program “Old Computer – New Knowledge”

VNU Will Run (2017)

“VNU Will Run” is the latest one to join the VNUHCM Communist Youth Union’s collection of projects receiving the Ho Hao Hon Award.. The program draws ideas from the crowdfunding community for the purpose of raising funds for the Will Foundation Scholarship to support exemplary strong-willed students who made an all-out effort in life. After two times of organizing, the program has mobilized more than 600 million VND for the scholarships and awarded 80 scholarships to students. Each of the awardee students is a vivid illustration of the slogan “Where there is a will, there is a way” of the program.   “VNU Will Run” has helped students overcome themselves, to rise to become useful for the community, family and society. The program not only fostered scholarships but also promoted the movement of physical training for all students and lecturers of VNUHCM.

The “VNU Will Run” program





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