Hokkaido University JLSCP 2017 – 2018

Viet Nam National University Ho Chi Minh City (VNUHCM) would like to announce

The Hokkaido University Short-Term Exchange Program (HUSTEP)) 2017 – 2018

from Hokkaido University with details as followed:

1. Objectives of the Program:

– to improve students’ Japanese language proficiency to enable them to interact with

Japanese speakers and conduct research in Japanese;

– to acquire basic knowledge and methodologies for Japanese studies – particularly

relating to Japanese general and applied linguistics;

– to gain a deeper understanding both of Japanese language and culture. In the second

semester (April – August) of the one year program, students can study a research topic

in their field of specialty and complete a final report under the guidance of a


2. Entry Requirements:

– Applicants must be a Japanese language and/or culture major enrolled in an

undergraduate degree course at a partner university of Hokkaido University. First-year

students are not eligible to apply.

– Applicants should have N3 (or higher) on the Japanese Language Proficiency Test or

the equivalent or higher proficiency in Japanese at the time of application. In

particular, applicants should know 500 or more kanji and have the skill to understand

conversation spoken at natural speed and read/write simple sentences. Any students

who are found to have inadequate language skills after arrival will not be able to

complete the course.

– Applicants must possess a good academic record at university level.

– Applicants must be between 18 and 29 years of age on the date of April 1, 2017.

3. Period of Program:

– One Year: Late September 2017 – Mid-August 2018

– Half Year: Late September 2017 – Mid-February 2018

4. Number of scholarships: 01 scholarship for one year course and 01 scholarship for

half year course

5. Required Documents: 02 hard copies

– Application form (download from: https://www.oia.hokudai.ac.jp/prospective-

students/exchange-student- admissions/exchange-programs- in-japanese- jlcs/)

– Certificate of Enrollment from Home University

– Recommendation letter

– Transcript of academic record

– Photocopy of Certificate of JLPT

– Photocopy of passport

– Three photos (35×45 cm, color and clear)

– Application for MEXT (for who wants to apply for 1 year course, has N2 or above

and wish to apply for MEXT scholarship, double-sided printing)

6. Accomodation: Hokkaido University dormitory

7. Credit:

The program is a credited program.

Students will receive their academic transcripts at the end of the program

8. Scholarship:

Some students will be eligible to receive the following scholarships:

– For 1 year course: 117,000JPY from MEXT.

– For half year course: 80,000JPY from JASSO.

For enquiries, please contacte Ms. Thanh Thao via email

nttthao@vnuhcm.edu.vn or phone: (+84 8) 37 242 160 (ext: 1452).

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