VNUHCM-International University published the results of the proficiency test

On June 3rd, VNUHCM-International University officially announced the results and benchmarks for the 2017 proficiency test. The official examination takes place from May 27-28, 2017.

The Faculty of Business Administration ranked the highest on the list – 165 points, followed by Logistic and Supply Chain Management – 162.64 points.

Particularly, the majors of the associate program had the bench mark of 120 points.

The proficiency test is organized by VNUHCM-International University. The condition for enrollment was that the total scores for 2 subjects (one compulsory subject and one elective) of the candidate, must be ≥ 120 points.


The consideration point is the total score of the two non-multiplication test subjects, plus the regional and priority points. Priority points are calculated by two thirds of the priority area, according to MOET rules for each point scale, then converted to the scale of 100.

Candidates are ranked according to the total admissions score, from highest to lowest and will be selected until the admission quota is reached. If candidates have the same mark and when the quota is reached, the Admissions Committee will consider the Math score as the secondary criterion. If the Math score is still the same then, the Admissions Committee will consider the 3-year high school results.

Candidates can take multiple elective subjects in their chosen majors, and the highest elective subject will be selected for the total consideration core. A candidate can use the results of the exam to review up to 3 majors registered in the test.

Candidates can apply for remark from June 5th, 2017 to June 15th, 2017 at the University Training Office (A2.708), International University, Quarter 6, Linh Trung Ward, Thu Duc District, HCMC. The re-exam fee of 1 subject is 30,000 VND.


For examination result, candidates and parents could go to the International University website and follow the instructions.

The admission method based on the results of the proficiency test accounts for 35% of the total enrollment target of VNUHCM-International University. In addition to this method, VNUHCM-IU also spent 50% of the recruitment quota for the results of the 2017 high school exam; 5% of the target for directing students to win prizes in national and international excellent examinations; 10% of the targeted enrollment for excellent gifted students.

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