VNUHCM-University Of Information Technology Students Won Double Prizes

Students of VNUHCM-University of Information Technology won the First and Second prizes in the contest  Students with safety information – Viettel Mates Ctf organized by Viettel Network Security Center.

Group of students won the First prize. Photo: Viettel

 The contest is held annually with a focus on solving problems in computer security. Organizing the competition by 5 online first rounds, the Organizing Committee selected 8 best teams to compete in the final round. In the form of a cyber-warfare game, the teams were given a server to show offensive and defensive computer network skills.

Attending competitions of information security is an opportunity for students in network engineering and network security majors to learn the skills needed to detect vulnerabilities, improve programming skills, and learn more about protecting the security and maintaining the continuity of the network against external attacks.



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