VNUHCM-University of Technology Students Won The Second Prize In The Cyber Race

The CDIO team of the Faculty of Engineering at VNUHCM-University of Technology won the second prize at The Cyber Race 2017: Unmanned vehicles organized by FPT Corporation in the evening of May 10, in Hanoi.

At the final night of the competition, eight teams from eight universities across the country brought model cars, training materials on image processing technology, open source libraries.

According to the regulations of the Organizing Committee, teams may not substitute or supplement the equipment available in the vehicle. The software is written on cell phones and computers to configure cars through the internal Wi-Fi network, helping the car run completely automatically. Teams start the car and configure by phone or computer before competition. When entering the game field, all connections to the car must be removed for the car to start. The car will run completely automatically and have the ability to avoid obstacles on the model map.

For the final result, the CDIO of University of Technology won the second prize of 30 million.

In addition, The Cyber Race took place from 11/2016 to 10/5/2017 has attracted more than 500 contestants from 26 universities across the country. After 8 qualifying rounds at universities across the country, the 8 best teams entered the finals. Each team has 3 months to program, using vehicle control algorithms.

VNUHCM-University of Technology’s team won the second prize

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