VNUHCM-University of Technology to publish the public electric motorcycle system

Six public electric motorcycles have been implemented into service at VNUHCM-University of Technology (VNUHCM-UT) in the morning of 21/11. This is a collaborative achievement between the student group of VNUHCM-UT, Bosch Vietnam, Da Nang University of Technology and Vietnamese-German University.

After being awarded the first prize of The Green Challenge 2015, the students of HCMUT were supported by Bosch Vietnam with advices and 900 million VND to implement the project of public electric motorcycles. The VNUHCM-UT students deployed the system of electric motorcycle and charging stations using renewable energy, in which the whole process of verification and payment will be automatically operated by computer software.

Initially, six electric motorcycles were sampled at VNUHCM-UT. Two similar systems would be operated at Da Nang University of Technology and Vietnamese-German University in upcoming December.

Vo Quang Hue, General Director of Vietnam Bosch hopes the system of electric motorcycle systems will be deployed in all major cities to help ease traffic jams and pollution as well as aiming at building smart cities.

Students can use the system of electric motorcycle within the campus of VNUHCM-UT for free after registering online.

VNUHCM-UT Electric bike system

Delegates take the driving test on electric motorcycle. Photo: Bosch VN


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