Youth Forum: Great opportunity for students

Young people sitting together, discussing and proposing projects, finding solutions to the important issues in society nowadays such as economics, culture, environment, sustainable development, and the gender equality … It is a forum model for young people in Vietnam that many VNUHCM-University of Social Sciences and Humanities as well as VNUHCM students have participated in recently.

Join the forums, change yourself

Pham Hong Thien Trang (a second-year student, Faculty of Journalism and Communication) participated in the Vietnam Youth and Sustainable Developmemt Summit (VYS): “I wrote to VYS in hopes of going to Hoi An in order to leave the tired days of the passed university exams. And luck smiled to me that I was chosen to eat, stay, and study with 45 friends from three regions of the country. That time has made a lot of changes to my life. ”


Thien Trang said that VYS brought her a lot of useful knowledge, and especially this forum has “refreshed her soul”, helped Trang and participants reduce doubts on good things in life. “Among a society that can be seen on the news with robbery, killing, raping every day breaks my faith. However, I felt the warmth and sincerity at VYS. This helps me believe that there are always great people, who are ready to accompany you with the warmest heart “- Trang said.

Joining the Youth Forum is also a chance to change the perception of problems of Thien Trang. Before joining VYS, Trang was not interested in the environment but when she joined in VYS, Trang learned to live green, to reduce the pressure on the environment Those were things that each of us are usually listless, or manage to find the way to solve it.

The Ede Young man Vo Tien Tuan Nie (4th year student, Faculty of International Relations) had chosen the Tay Nguyen Youth and Sustainable Developmemt Summit (TNYS) and brought the colors of ethnic culture to this forum.

Tuan said, “As a son of the Central Highlands, I want to have more information about my hometown and interact with other young people to have a new perspective on the next generation. Joining the forum give me the opportunity to introduce the project Finding Nie to tell everyone about the culture of my people.”

Students participating in Tay Nguyen Youth Forum

Tuan Nien also shared that joining the youth forum gave him many lessons throughout practical observation and discussions. For example, Tuan Nie had learned how to grow organic and hydroponic vegetables … which could be applied in his homeland.

Do the things you have never done

Nguyen Vinh Cong (4th year student, Faculty of Sociology) – who has just joined the forum Narrowing the gap (the forum aims to reduce the gap between rich and poor, eliminate inequalities, improve life) shared some experiences on organizing youth forums: “On the organizers side, the first thing I and other partners do is professionalizing forum programs so that they are equal in quality over the years “.

Vinh Cong said that the forum organizers must be those who constantly learned and connected well with the resources to develop the program as well as promote the members later. “The organizers have to take turns to learn the forum at home and abroad, even study abroad to find new ways, new methods to develop their forums. On the side of the members, we must always be in the posture which ready to learn rather than experience. We have to do what we have not done to receive things we have not received, “Vinh Cong emphasized.

Talking about the development potential of the forum in the future, Vinh Cong said: “After many years of operation, the model of youth forum in Vietnam has been changing with time, object, size and quality. In the past, as the youth forums were only local, depending on the movement and seemed to focus on form rather than quality, now the forums are more practical, the members have more experiences than sitting in the room and learning some simple skills.




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